Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa  Flow Yoga is distinguished by its fluid transitions and movement through a series of poses. The literal translation of vinyasa is “to place in a special way.” Each teacher may interpret vinyasa in their own way, but you can count on coordinating your breath with fluid movement. The purpose of  vinyasa yoga  is to use the breath to align the body and mind. Therefore, the style referred to as Vinyasa means “linking breath with movement.” You’ll develop a stronger mind-body connection and grow in strength and flexibility.

The most visible benefits are the strength and flexibility that you’ll gain from practicing the poses. Because of the concentration on breathing, your lungs will get stronger. The focus on the breath and the physicality of the practice will result in a more mindful, peaceful attitude off the mat.

Is Vinyasa Flow right for me? Do you appreciate rhythmic movement? Are you looking for a more active style of Yoga? Are you looking for a good balance between physical effort and introspection, if so then Vinyasa IS for you.

Vinyasa classes are often categorized by level of experience. From most basic to advanced, we offer Yoga Basic, Mixed Levels, Vinyasa Flow, Warm Vinyasa, & Dynamic Flow. Each level creates a foundation for the next level’s work on breath and poses.

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