Class Descriptions

Yoga classes are listed in order starting with beginning ~ gentler classes that require less yoga experience and range of motion to classes requiring yoga experience more strength, stamina and flexibility.  Everyone is encouraged to practice within their own abilities and explore the benefits of a yoga practice in your life.

Relax & Restore – In this class you will relax and restore your entire being. The goal of this class is not necessarily to stretch, but to give in to opening through the use and support of props. This is the yoga of undoing. Enabling muscles, the nervous system, breath and mind to truly let go release, relax and restore. All levels welcome.

Gentle Flow – Teaching the linking of breath with movement by means of a gentle and fluid practice, Gentle Flow is a class suitable for those with little or no previous yoga experience, recovering from injury or illness, or who enjoy a softer pace and mindful practice. The uncomplicated flowing sequences are designed to open the body, mind and spirit. This class gently expands your understanding of and knowledge of yoga poses, sequences, breathing techniques and encouraging relaxation. All levels welcome.

EcoYoga – Centered in environmental philosophy and the science of Etology, EcoYoga emphasizes the common patterns, parallels, and pathways between the innermost core of each of us, and the natural world of which we all depend. The active part of this all levels class follows nature’s rhythms, before settling into Yin Yoga Poses steeped deep in meditative eco journeys. This is a beautifully inspired yoga class, unique to Amsa Yoga.

Stretch & Strengthen – A wonderfully balanced class designed to help you become more flexible, balanced and relaxed. This is a well rounded class that will offer delicious stretches to open the body, as well as some standing postures intended to gently increase strength and balance. Your inner ease will be cultivated in our fun and accepting atmosphere. All levels welcome.

Yin Yoga – This is a contemplative practice where postures are held for longer periods of time. Yin yoga moves beyond the muscular system and is intended for the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, tendons, vertebrae cushions, internal organ slings, bones and even joints of the body that are not necessarily emphasized in a more active asana practice. This practice typically remains on the floor with the use of props as needed to assist in the releasing of the deeper connective tissues. All levels welcome.

Yoga Basics – This class provides you with the basic building blocks for a yoga practice. A class that is for those new to yoga and those wishing to get back to the basics. Plenty of instruction is offered as to postural alignment, basic sequences, breathing techniques, foundational postures, and meditation. A slower and gentle pace as well as props allows you to get into the poses creating a foundation of flexibility, strength and balance. All levels welcome.

Yin & Flow – This class is a beautiful blend of Yin Yoga postures designed to open the body’s deeper tissues, improving flexibility and greater range of motion in the joints and slow flowing, mindful movement. Flow focuses on breath awareness and movement to promote mobility and healing in the body while yin postures allow you to connect to inner stillness. All levels welcome.

Sivananda Yoga – In this yoga class, you will learn India’s ancient Yoga practice taught originally by his Holiness Swami Sivanada, and his strong lineage of teachers. The yoga class will walk the student through an unhurried sequence of basic yoga postures and its variations that caters to the body, mind and spirit, thus embracing the essence of ‘yoga’. All levels welcome.

Mixed Levels – This class accommodates a range of experience levels. You will build strength, increase flexibility and cultivate awareness while moving through this creative practice. You will be guided with alignment cues, breathing techniques, and options to modify or move deeper in to each pose. This a medium paced flow yoga class that expands upon the connection of breath and movement. Basic knowledge of Yoga postures is suggested.

Vinyasa Flow – This Flow class will synchronize your breath and movements. The smooth way the poses flow together allows students to experience a “moving meditation.” The breath is an essential component of this more dynamic practice. This class will incorporate creative transitions, balance variations, inversions, and hip and shoulder openers. Alignment, fluidity, strength, balance, are all combined with mindfulness being the common thread. Pose variations and modifications are offered. Knowledge of basic yoga postures is strongly recommended.

Warm Flow – Our one and only heated class is a favorite. This delicious class is the perfect combination of upbeat, uniquely inspired flow sequences paired with extra yummy stretches in a heated space of 82 degrees. This temperature allows you to connect with the healing energy of warmth, release toxins, and feel devine after class, without being heated to an uncomfortable point. This class is taught with enthusiasm for play and exploration of yoga postures and sequencing. Leave class feeling cleansed, open, happy, and ready for a wonderful weekend! Knowledge of basic yoga postures is strongly recommended.



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